Natiply Bootable

Designed as a bootable server grade application for robust implementations

Pro Grade. For Robust Implementations

Natiply Bootable is a bootable ISO which can run on any standard server computer. It works as a datalink bonding equipment within the network. It can connect any type of datalinks and bond them together to achieve high speed consistent and uninterrupted connection with security and high performance.

Enterprise Grade Security. Peace of Mind

As a datalink bonding system, Natiply transfers data through number of different paths which disintegrates the data. It makes it impossible to intercept the data stream in between the nodes, hence giving rock solid security. Along with that Natiply uses propreitary, encrypted and binary protocol for data transmission which makes it even more secure.

Interoperability With All Standard Networking Equipments

Natiply works as a datalink bonding system between two points. And it works with all standard networking technology and equipments in input and output side. Natiply is not an application specific technology. Any* application that uses internet can use Natiply as their bonding solution.

Natiply Features

Bonds multiple connections. Works like a single connection
QoS for Prioritize Data like audio and video
Ensured datalink quality. Consistent performance
RTP Multiplexing
Rock solid security
High speed and consistent data link. Anywhere
Uninterrupted connection. Smooth failover.