Natiply Portable

Designed for mobility and performance in mind for data links bonding in challenging environment

Small. Lightweight. Designed for Mobility

Natiply Portable has been designed to be compact and light. The unit can be assembled with all the accessories inside a specially designed backpack. The backpack is custom made so that the product has good ventilation and all the accessories can be arranged properly. The backpack also provides rain protection.

Bond Any Type of Datalink. Anywhere

Natiply Portable has two USB ports (USB 3.0, USB 2.0). The USB ports are used to connect external powered USB HUBs to the device. Any type of USB ethernet and modems can beplugged into the powered USB HUBs. Natiply will detect them and configure to bond them together and create a high speed connection for the user.

Dual Power. Fail Safe. Peace of Mind

Natiply Portable is designed to take dual power inputs. One through DC adapter and the other is from the V mount battery. With the dual input feature, the dvice can run long hours in battery depending on the battery capacity, as well as it can take power from any standard power source through the adopter. The device also comes equipped with three external power outputs (12V, 12V, 5V) to power the external USB HUBs.

Natiply Features

Bonds multiple connections. Works like a single connection
QoS for Prioritize Data like audio and video
Ensured datalink quality. Consistent performance
RTP Multiplexing
Rock solid security
High speed and consistent data link. Anywhere
Uninterrupted connection. Smooth failover.