Live Xchange

Interoperable video aggregation, distribution and management platform with support of all major video protocols and codecs

Seamlessly Interoperable

Endless Possibilities

Synopi Live Xchange is interoperable with all standard systems. It supports commonly used protocols and codecs. It features transcoding between H.264 and H.265. It also supports protocol conversion between any supported protocols. Live Xchange allows broadcasters to handle virtually any demanding situation. Many business models can be designed around various workflows available in Xchange platform.

Supported Protocols


Supported Codecs

HEVC (H.265), AVC (H.264)


Native Devices

Live Rover, Live vGate

Third Party Devices

Any standard device and applications supporting RTMP


Native Devices

Live vGate

Other Platforms

Any standard video aggregation and distribution platform

Social Networks

Versatile Routing

Manipulate as you like

Synopi Live Xchange features an array of intelligent and handy routing features with endless possibilities. It can receive, manipulate and distribute a live stream in every imaginable way. Protocol conversion between supported protocols and codec conversion between H.265 and H.264 ensures that it can manipulate streams even between non-supported endpoints. Routing policies can be predefined or on demand based on situation or choice of the broadcaster.

Push Streams

Synopi Live Xchange features push routing to Live vGate, any social network or any video aggregation and distribution platform. Push routing enables the broadcaster to be in full control of when he wants to make the video live. Credentials received from social network or other platforms can be configured and video can go live in a click of a button.

Pull Streams

Pull routing allows Live Xchange to configure credentials and pull a stream from a video distribution platform when the broadcaster wants. It ensures that the stream hits the platform when the broadcaster wants, not when the stream is available.

Publish Streams

Publishing stream is just opposite of Pushing stream in context of settings. Synopi live can provide credentials to other video distribution platform using which they can push streams when they like to Live Xchange platform. Live Xchange can then further manipulate the routing of the stream to ensures it reaches its desired destination.

Play Streams

Playing stream is also opposite of pulling a stream in context of settings. Synopi Live Xchange can provide necessary credentials to other video distribution platform where they can play a stream available in Live Xchange platform when they want.


Synopi Live Xchange features pre-routing where broadcasters can define routing policies - which streams will be routed to which destinations, and save the routing policy. Whenever a stream is live, it will be automatically routed to the pre configured destination.

On Demand Routing

A stream might not be statically routed to a destination, but a broadcaster always can choose a destination for a stream and push the stream on demand. In ensures that the stream is routed only when it is required.


Synopi live features multi-routing which enables broadcasters to route a single stream to multiple desinations like social networks and other video distribution platforms simultaneously. This is particularly handy when broadcaster wants to distribute a stream to multiple distribution channel simultaneously.

Web Based Management

Simple. Yet Powerful

Synopi Live Xchange comes with an web based interface for configuration, administration, management and reporting of stream sources, destinations, routings, reportings and users. It’s simple, easy to operate interface and meaningful workflows gives the broadcasters quick mastery of the system reducing training times.

Native Devices Management

Live Xchange web interface features management of Rover and vGate devices. Broadcaster can control Live Rover units from here and configure technical parameters i.e. codec, adaptive settings etc. vGate units can also be configured from web including in and out channels, their codecs, delay, formats etc.

Other Devices Management

Synopi Live Xchange web interface allows broadcasters to create credentials to allow third party video distribution platforms to publish live stream to the Xchange platform, as well as play streams that are available in the platform. Broadcasters can setup credentials received from third party platforms so Xchange can push or pull live streams from those platforms.

Stream Management

Broadcasters can create and track their streams in Live Xchange web interface. It displays various informations about live streams which helps broadcasters to understand overall quality of the stream. Streams can be played for preview right at the web interface which helps to understand and correct any issues before it is further routed.